Elusive terrorist Shamil Basayev gets ready to strike back

Basayev is certain that Osama bin Laden can not be an evildoer by nature

Notorious Chechen warlord Shamil Basayev released another sensational statement. Swedish news agency TT emailed several questions to the warlord and received a detailed message in response. It is hard to say, who wrote the reply, although the person, who answered the news agency, introduced himself as Shamil Basayev. Russian officials have not released any comments on the interview with the Chechen terrorist.

Shamil Basayev wrote in the email that he had been freed of the truce, which the now-deceased Chechen leader Aslan Maskhadov declared in the beginning of the year. Maskhadov asked Basayev to cease military operations not to impede negotiations, which Aslan Maskhadov was supposedly going to conduct with the Russian administration. Once the terrorist leader was killed, Basayev is not obliged to keep the promise anymore. The warlord wrote that he was prepared to use violence in response to violence. It brings up the idea that Aslan Maskhadov's death became a relief for the notorious Chechen gunman.

Basayev, or the person, who signed himself so, exposed his attitude to the prime suspect of 9/11 terrorist attacks in the USA, Osama bin Laden, too. “I know one thing for sure: he cannot be an evildoer. I have seen his face on many photographs -  it radiates powerful light,” the warlord confessed. The reaction of the US government to Bin Laden's “luminous face” is easy to predict: they still remember the light of the burning Twin Towers.

The email from the person, who signed himself as Shamil Basayev, said that Chechen terrorists were going to conduct new terrorist acts in Russia. The author of the email wrote that terrorist acts against Russian people would also be conducted in Qatar, where another leader of Chechen separatists, Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev, was killed last year.

The blood-thirsty terrorist also set out his opinion regarding Sheikh Abdul Halim's oppointment for the position of Ichkeria's President (terrorists refer to Chechnya as Ichkeria). The new leader of Chechen terrorists was one of Maskhadov's closest companions. It is noteworthy that Shamil Basayev spoke very favorably of the man, who gave his blessing to monstrous hostage dramas in Beslan and in the Moscow music theatre in 2002. Experts believe, however, that the relations between Aslan Maskhadov and Sheikh Abdul Halim were far from being perfect. The two terrorists would always confront each other regarding methods of the “liberating warfare.”

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Author`s name Olga Savka