Teacher forces small children to publicly lick the floor clean

“My sonny came home crying and shaking like a leaf,” says Anna K., the mother of 10-year-old Zhenya. The tears fill up her eyes as she continues her story: “Zhenya said that Irina Mikhailovana, a teacher, forced him and some other boys to lick clean the floor in a classroom. She told them to lick up all the marks and stains on the floor. Then she handed out F's to all of them.”

Zhenya’s mother did want to keep her mouth shut. The horrible story was circulating quickly through the village of Zolotaya Dolina in the Maritime Region. At first the parents of the abused boys were going to deal with the teacher privately. They did not want to wash her dirty linen in public.

The teacher refused to hold talks. Teachers reportedly said that the kids had simply made up the whole story to divert the parents’ disappointment over the poor grades. Then Zhenya’s mother reported the case to the Prosecutor’s Office. The parents of the other boys followed Anna’s suit.

As a result, the authorities brought an action against the 35-year-old teacher Irina Gorova.

“We started legal proceedings in line with Article 156 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation ,” say Denis Biktudin, a deputy prosecutor. “The article concerns failure to perform duties relating to education of a minor. She might be sentenced to 2 years in jail. The teacher will be kept suspended from her duties until the investigation is completed. In the mean time, her colleagues doubt that Irina could have resorted to such “methods” of punishment,” says the deputy prosecutor.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov