Ukrainian opposition leader Yushchenko poisoned with unknown toxin

The poison deteriorated the liver, the pancreas and the intestines

Viktor Yushchenko, the opposition's candidate of the notorious presidential election in Ukraine, has suffered an assassination attempt. The opposition leader was poisoned prior to the election, Dr. Nikolai Korpan from the Vienna-based Rudolfinerhaus hospital said.

According to the Ukrainian newspaper Facts, the story started on September 5th, when Viktor Yushchenko had dinner with the security service director Igor Smeshko and his deputy Vladimir Satsyuk. Yushchenko asked them to “stop interfering in the political struggle.” The opposition leader became sick several hours later, when the dinner was over.

Viktor Yushchenko's wife, Ekaterina Yushchenko, narrated the continuation of the story to the Zerkalo Nedeli newspaper: “Viktor came home at night of September 6th very late. I kissed him as usual and tasted something medical on my lips. I even asked my husband, if he had taken a medication. Viktor just answered that he had not; he said he was tired,” Ekaterina Yushchenko told the newspaper.

The opposition leader was hospitalized to the Rudolfinerhaus hospital with a strong stomachache, nausea and skin disturbances on his body and face. Doctors diagnosed disorders in Yushchenko's liver, pancreas and the intestines; the digestive system was covered with ulcers. Medics evaluated the possible death rate on the level of 15 percent. However, they could not find the reason of the disease, and the restless Ukrainian politician returned to Ukraine a week later. Yushchenko had to return to the hospital in two weeks and complained of loin pains. He came back to Ukraine to continue the political battle again, although a half of his face was paralyzed. In addition, doctors inserted a catheter in his spine for analgesic injections.

The doctors could not prove the fact of possible poisoning. British, American and French medics united in an attempt to find out the reason of Viktor Yushchenko's ailment. The doctors thoroughly examined the politician, took his blood samples, analyzed previous medical certificates and concluded that Viktor Yushchenko suffered from a rare type of poison. “We will expose the results in the near future and announce the reason of the mysterious disease,” doctors said.

British toxicologist John Henry supposed that Viktor Yushchenko had been poisoned with dioxine. Rudolfinerhaus specialists did not even check the substance's presence in Yushchenko's body, because the alterations on his face were not as visible as they became later. In addition, the opposition leader declined biopsy, because he did not want Ukrainians see him with stitches on his face.

If Viktor Yushchenko had come to the hospital again, the doctors would have given the final diagnosis in two or three days. They are certain that the patient will recover completely, if he returns to the hospital for a special treatment. Viktor Yushchenko, however, does not plan a trip to Vienna yet.

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Author`s name Olga Savka