Brothel for homosexual pedophiles organized in Moscow

Two enterprising homosexual pals started organizing sex tours to Moscow for foreigners

Police officers of the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department and their colleagues from the Office of the Public Prosecutor of Moscow's central district exposed the information about the activity of a criminal group, which organized sex tours for homosexual molesters in Moscow.

As it became known, two residents of the Moscow region organized gay tours to Moscow for wealthy foreigners and Russians and provided teenage boys to them. The archives of the brothel for homosexual pedophiles revealed several well-known names.

Investigators started watching a 21-year-old student of one of Moscow universities and his 40-year-old unemployed friend several months ago. The two suspects were homosexuals too; they were quite renowned figures in the Moscow gay community. It turned out that the two men often visited Sheremetyevo 2 international airport in Moscow, where they welcomed foreigners from almost all European states. They settled foreign guests in fancy Moscow hotels or apartments in the city center.

Investigators concluded at first that those foreigners were just homosexual men visiting their Russian pals. However, the police soon noticed that as soon as a foreign man was housed in a hotel, a boy or two would always appear around. Officers detained a 14-year-old boy near a hotel room, where a sex tourist stayed. The boy told the police that he was working for an illegal brothel for wealthy pedophilic homosexual men. The boy also said that the business belonged to a student and his unemployed friend.

The two friends opened a coded website on the Internet, on which they advertised sex with children. The specific service became quite popular among both home perverts and their foreign “colleagues.”

The two enterprising pals started organizing sex tours to Moscow for foreigners. A tour included a flight to Moscow, a hotel room or an apartment, as well as visits to Moscow's gay clubs. The fee for pedophilic sex varied from $50 per hour to $1,000 per night. A client had an opportunity to order as many boys as he wished, he could also choose their age and figure. As a rule, the “businessmen” looked for boys among teenage tramps and orphans.

Police officers of the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department have recently arrested the organizers of the illegal brothel. They withdrew a personal computer from their apartment, the files of which contained 11,000 photographs of children and information about the clients.

In addition to numerous European citizens, the police officers found several names of well-known Russian public figures on the lists. The information has been classified as secret, although it became known that there was a Russian general and a lawyer among those people.

Specialists of the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department are currently investigating the lists. The data about dozens of foreigners, who bought sex tours to Moscow, have been handed over to the law-enforcement agencies of foreign countries.

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Author`s name Olga Savka