Explosion on board Russian submarine leaves one killed

A fire on board the submarine resulted in an explosion 

An explosion took place on board one of the submarines of the Russian Pacific Navy several days ago. As it became known today, a fire broke out on board the submarine in the Kamchatka region of Russia (the Far East). The fire occurred during repairing works.

The emergency reportedly took place on board one of the 667B Murena project submarines (or Delta submarines according to the NATO classification). However, the information has not been officially confirmed yet. NTV television network reported, the explosion took place on board the K-223 submarine – this class of submarines has been in the Russian arsenal since 1973.

Submariner Dmitry Koval, a specialist on electricity, and two of his colleagues were trying to extinguish the fire, when a torpedo cooling tank blew up. Dmitry Koval was hospitalized with a craniocerebral injury, but deceased afterwards. Two other submariners are still staying in a local hospital.

According to the chairman of the press service department of the Russian Navy, Ilya Dygalo, one of the submarine's compartments was damaged as a result of the explosion, but the sub, the official added, was still efficient. Dygalo said that it was a local character incident, which did not jeopardize the submarine's arms, life-support systems and the crew on the whole.

A special committee chaired by rear admiral Andrei Vaitovich is currently investigating the reasons of the incident.

Submariner Dmitry Koval was from the city of Krasnoyarsk, where he was buried today.

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Author`s name Olga Savka