Russia's suburbia flooded with ready to explode bombs

An explosive device was found underneath a transformer basis in the Russian village of Ozerki (Samara region), reported a source from the local state department of internal affairs to the RIA “Novosti”.

“An explosive device was discovered beneath a transformer's foundation in the Ozerki village in Samara on the premises of the local power station. It was extracted with great care by a team of specially trained professionals. The device had a metal case and included 2 kilos of aluminum powder, an alarm, 2 batteries and wires,” stated the agency’s interlocutor.

Today, another explosive was discovered in one of the apartment buildings in Russian town of Chelyabinsk. It contained 1 kilo of trotyl (tnt), reports RIA “Novosti” with a reference to a source in the department of internal affairs.

Residents accidentally found a bomb right by an entrance door in an apartment building №21 in Chelyabinsk. It represented a tube 30cm in length and 10cm in diameter; it contained 1 kilo of tnt and a detonator.

Police is currently investigating the crime. Experts provide no further comments.


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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov