International mercenaries come to Chechnya to wage war on Russia

Twenty-four terrorists holding the Turkish citizenship have been killed in Chechnya since 1999

Special units of the federal forces in Chechnya are currently looking for guerrillas, who reportedly prepare a large terrorist act in the republic. Russian troops have destroyed a group of four extremists today within the scope of the anti-terrorist operation. There were two foreign mercenaries, residents of Turkey, among the killed terrorists. A Niva vehicle filled with explosive was found not far from the battlefield: the terrorists intended to use the car for an attack.

It is an open secret that Turkish citizens are not alone among Chechen mercenaries. A lot of gunmen from 52 countries of the world have been destroyed during several years of the armed conflict in Chechnya. Up to 200 foreigners are currently waging war on Russia in North Caucasus; the majority of them come from Turkey.

Twenty-four terrorists holding the Turkish citizenship have been killed in Chechnya since 1999. Federal forces attacked a group of terrorists on September 27th, 2004. Five killers were destroyed in the battle, one of them, Umac Hasan,  turned out to be a citizen of Turkey. Another Turkish national, Semek Usif, arrived in Georgia in 2002, crossed the Russian border and waged war on terrorists' side for two years. The terrorist was killed in April of 2004.

A group of Russian military men came across several militants on the outskirts of one of Chechen villages on February 2, 2004. A Turkish resident named Zii Peche was found among the killed after the battle. According to the terrorist's documents, the man waged war in Pakistan and Afghanistan in 2000-2001, and then came to Chechnya via the territory of Georgia. The Russian special services reported that Peche was the commander of a Turkish terrorist squad: there was a videotape found with the militant, containing the footage of a terrorist camp in Chechen mountains.

There is a dozen of various foundations in Turkey, which hire mercenaries and collect money for them. The geography of foreign mercenaries in Chechnya is quite a broad subject: some of them were hired even in Sweden. A 25-year-old German Muslim militant was killed in Chechnya 18 months ago.

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Author`s name Olga Savka