Hunting in Paris Russian style

Russian surgeon gets four years of jail in France for killing a bum

42-year-old Russian citizen Yuri Medvednikov has been sentenced to four-year imprisonment in France for killing a homeless woman. The verdict was announced Thursday evening by the jury of the Parisian suburb of Nanterre.

The prosecution insisted on eight-year imprisonment. The jury however decided to setle the matters with a lighter sentence.

According to the case files, Medvednikov, who had been working as a surgeon in Siberia, arrived to France in 1998 as a tourist.

According to Medvednikov himself, soon after his arrival to Paris, his documents along with almost all the money got stolen, reports RIA “Novosti”.

The surgeon then acquired a tent and a rifle while intending to settle down somewhere in the woods and hunt for food until his relatives send him money for the ticket. During the court session, Medvednikov referred to his decision as “not the wisest”.

One night, Medvednikov he was walking drunk along the deserted shore of the Seine  river not far away from Paris. Then suddenly he came across two homeless persons lwith a dog resting quietly under a bridge. Medvednikov’s testimony states that he was attacked by the dog first; that’s why he had to shoot twice. One shot killed the dog; the second shot killed the woman. However, the surgeon’s words seem to contradict those of the homeless man. He stated Medvednikov had been aiming at them directly, as though he was hunting.

The surgeon was arrested soon after the incident and had to spend nearly 1,5 years in jail in preliminary confinement. Afterwards, he was freed under strict police supervision. Psychiatric examination did not reveal any abnormalities.

After the verdict, Medvednikov was immediately imprisoned. According to his attorney, the final decision will not be appealed.  

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov