North Ossetians establish their own "Ku Klux Klan"

Having completely lost faith in the governing, dozens of North Ossetians founded the “Ossetian Ku Klux Klan”. It appears that “the law-enforcement officials are only protecting themselves.” That is why locals decided to establish such undercover organization to withstand authorities, reports Gazeta.

“We are not advocating racism; there are many Greeks, Russians and Ukrainians among us,” said the organization’s founder Alan. “We gave it a name of the Ku Klux Klan because we’ll have to be the clan of the invisible. We are absolutely not interested in establishing this revolutionary underground, but this is today's reality.”

Members of the clan consider that each resident of North Ossetia is to blame fro the Beslan tragedy. “We should look for those to blame for the terrorist act in front of the mirror instead of the government hall,” says Alan. “Every one of us knew what had caused the tragedy. We were all aware of militia’s inactivity, of patrol officers accepting bribes, of the fact that our authorities are absolutely unable to take full responsibility. They knew everything and yet kept quiet. Well, it is impossible to remain quiet any longer. The time has come to rid or nation of such bastards. One must decide which side he/she is on. Silence is evil.”

Main goal of the “Ossetian Ku Klux Klan” is to attract attention of the government and the society at large to the major problem of bribery and corruption. At the same time, the organization does not plan to take any radical actions, notes the edition. Written word is used as the main weapon of the activists.

Members of the Ossetian KKK do not appear to be emotionally unstable. Majority of them possess a University degree. There are no public activists among them; neither one of them strives to become famous. These people can simply no longer stay in the shade. They want to be heard.

North Ossetia is a small republic, where people know everything about everyone. Oftentimes late night talks are way more open and sincere than talks of local authorities. The former tends to paint a clearer picture of current issues, informs the newspaper. “It is impossible to hide a nasty deed. One can only bribe someone to keep quite to prevent the news from spreading. Money talks. However, nobody wants to mention that the money is stolen,” say some of the clan members.

Law enforcement agency of the Vladikavkas region considers that the maximum these members could get is mere 15 days behind bars for hooliganism. “Personally, I am not going to chase these guys,” said one of the police officers in his interview to Gazeta. “There are plenty of real criminals out there that need to be locked up in jail.”

A lawyer of the republican parliament was not surprised about the news regarding the newly established North Ossetian KKK organization. “Unless the organization does something illegal, there nothing the law-enforcement agencies can do about it…It can use whichever name it wants. What's most important is that it doesn't urge the public to overthrow the government or to stir international strife.”

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov