Chechen militants out of money?!

While experiencing financial difficulties, Chechen militants rob civilians in order to improve their positions, reports RIA “Novosti” with a reference to a press-release of the Regional headquarters that deals with cont-terrorist operations in North Caucasus.

According to the press-release, significant number of Chechen militants has been destroyed as a result of special military operations carried out by the federal forces. Several foreign assassins have also been killed along with the militants. That is why “the process of inflow of financial means from abroad, aimed at supporting the bandits, has been disrupted.”

According to the detained insurgents, the situation has greatly upset Aslan Maskhadov. He, with the help of his assistants, had to demand his gang leaders to organize money inflow to support the bandits' needs.

Maskhadov advised his “helpers” to “knock out” some money from local businessmen and leaders of non-governmental organizations.

“The data we possess leads us to believe that small gangs (2-3 militants per group) whose main task is extortion, are operating all through Chechnya including Dagestan,” states the press release.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov