Russian journalist pretends to be a Shakhid to fool security

Krasnodar airport security arrested a female journalist from the “Kubanskie novosti” newspaper, who claimed to be a suicide-bomber. The 44-year-old Galina Simkina attempted to board a Moscow-bound flight.

The journalist was dressed in black; security check revealed schemes of explosive devices. Once Ms. Simkina was detained, she tried to explain that her actions had been a mere trick to check the effectiveness of the airport security.

Prior to the incident, department of internal affairs received a phone call from a cab driver who allegedly had given a ride to the lady all the way to the airport. The taxi driver turned out to be a former police officer; lady's rather strange behavior had immediately caught his attention. Simkina told him she had to grow into a role of a real Shakhid to write an article.

It is possible that a lawsuit will be filed against the journalist, reports RIA “Novosti”.

As a reminder, two female students got arrested in Vladivostok last Monday with a sport rifle. Further investigation revealed that those had been a managerial team of one of the local TV stations who decided to equip the students with arms and let them walk around in the city. They were also testing city's security.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov