DVDs of executed hostages available on Iraqi markets

There is a very big demand on such video recordings in Iraq

A new video product is currently available on Iraqi markets – DVDs of hostages' executions. They are sold next to porn movies. It was reported on Thursday that terrorists had executed two Italian hostages. The video of the execution is not available yet, although one may expect the video of the American civil engineer, Eugene Armstrong, the killing of whom was uploaded on one of Islamic websites, the Hindustan Times wrote. 

There is a very big demand on such video recordings on the Bab-i-Sharji market  in Iraq. Salesmen play them everywhere, even in their own DVD shops, to attract people's attention. They turn the volume on so that everyone could listen to a hostage screaming before masked men cut his head off. The footage of the execution then changes to an adult movie.

The covers of such hideous DVDs depict local popular singers, although the disks contain an absolutely different kind of “songs,” performed by the leader of the Tawhid and Jihad group, Abu Mussaba Al-Zarkawi. DVDs are hologrammed with Al-Assifa label.

The fans of such materials have an opportunity to purchase the video footage of the battle in Fallujah. The video is accompanied with songs of resistance and honor of the rebels.

An Egyptian hostage is seen on one of the videos. The man is sitting against the banner of Tawhid and Jihad movement, with his hands tied behind the back. The hostage is making a confession, saying that he placed bugs in the buildings in order US planes could find targets for bomb attacks. The man says that he provided coalition soldiers with Iraqi women. Three masked men with Kalashnikov guns are seen standing behind the hostage. They start preparing the execution. Two men are holding the guns at the ready, the other one takes a big knife and reads the verdict: “They are spies from the caravan of Satan.” The butcher cuts the Egyptian's head off with a quick motion.

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Author`s name Olga Savka