Ticket speculator or terrorist?

The two suspects on exploding TU-134 and TU-154 planes have been arrested.
The law-enforcement authorities gave this information, but did not tell the details.

Earlier the Moscow police reported that in Domodedovo airport, the man helping the female terrorists to check up for the flights, had been arrested. The man’s name is Armen Arutyunov, he is the resident of Krasnodar region and makes money by reserving air tickets and selling them to the people willing to go by plane, at a higher price.
Russian press wrote that on August 24 he approached the two Chechen women in the airport and asked where they were heading for. The women replied, “The closest  flights”. To the man, this reply was OK, and he quickly sold them the two tickets for the flights to Volgograd and Sochi. There is a version that Arutyunov also assisted the women to pass through the luggage check for additional money.

However, the operator of Domodedovo airport Sergey Gorbunov said in an Echo Moskvy interview that Arutyunov just sold the women the tickets for the flights, but they underwent the standard luggage check procedure. According to Mr. Gorbunov, the police are investigating where Arutyunov got the air tickets.

Meanwhile, Trud wrote that the police found out how the two terrorists had arrived in Moscow – on August 24, on flight from Machachkala. According to the investigation, in Domodedovo an accomplice met the terrorists, he gave them the explosives and detailed instructions on the further actions. According to the instructions, the female suicide bombers were supposed to purchase the tickets not in the ticket office, but from the individuals – ticket profiteers. Armen Arutyunov was one of them.

During the police interrogation, Arutyunov said that he had met neither Dzhebirkhanova nor Nagaeva before, he just assisted them for money. The man cooperates with the police, he already recognized the girls he had sold the tickets in the photos of the two suspects of the explosions – Dzhebirkhanova and Nagaeva.

It is still not known for sure if these two ladies were the terrorists. But the expertise demonstrated that the plane exploded near the tails, and, according to the tickets, the two young Chechen women had seats in that area.

Source: Russian media

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova