$20 million for Vladimir Putin

Terrorists from the “Islambuli Brigades” state they plan to assassinate Putin

Terrorist group “Brigades of Islambuli” has published a statement on one of its Internet sites informing the public of their next target—Russian president Vladimir Putin. The group also urged its followers to destroy all infidels on the territory of the Russian Federation. The statement says that the organization's main goal is to lead “highly qualified military actions of the Islambuli Brigades” to destroy the head of the infidel government.”

It is possible that this statement made on behalf of “Islabuli Brigades” could have been made based on the instructions of leaders of the so-called “Independent Ichkeria.” Let us also note that a few days ago Chechen rebels have already promised to pay $20 million USD for Vladimir Putin. This terrorist organization was named after an Egyptian officer Khaled Islambuli, who had organized assassination of the Egyptian president Anwar Sadat in 1981.

President Vladimir Putin has been through at least three assassination attempts.
The first attempted assassination was scheduled for February 24, 2000 during the funeral of Anatoly Sobchak in St. Petersburg. “A particular organization was behind it, not some psychopath,” states head of federal security press-services Sergey Devyatov.    

The second attempt was planned in Yalta during an informal CIS summit (18-19 August, 2000).  The information regarding probable assassination had been received from abroad. Four Chechens and several citizens of the Middle East had been arrested in connection with the attempts in the course of the investigation.

The third loud threat to assassinate Russian president was made in October of 2001. Back then Azerbaijanian special services reported that they had  manage to prevent the tragedy, which was scheduled to take place during the president’s visit to Baku (8-9 January).

The “Islambuli Brigades” organization can be a mere facade however. It is hard to determine whose real face is hiding behind the name that is so well-respected among fundamentalists of Egyptian extremism of the past. Today little is known about the “islambulists” themselves. Some experts claim that the organization’s leader is Muhammed Islambuli, Khaled’s brother. According to other experts, one of the “Al Qaeda’s” spiritual leaders Taher al-Murshid is the leader of the above-mentioned organization. According to another version, such “heroic” name of the organization is used by Chechen rebels working with “Al-Qaeda.”

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Author`s name Olga Savka