Dismissal is the minimum defense units leaders deserve

We have already grown accustomed to feeling vulnerable.

Daily news reports resemble reports from front-lines. Series of terrorist acts has caught our country by surprise. Hundreds of people died in the course of several days due to those horrific events. For almost a week the bandits have been methodically demonstrating their supremacy and impunity to the Russian people. And if we were to set aside grief and emotions for just a moment, it would be quite easy to see the major problem that the country faces today.

And here is the main problem: we need to determine why our giant and expensive law-enforcement machine has malfunctioned and who will be hold responsible for the mistakes of our special services.

Photorobots of those involved in the terrorist acts are shown to us only after the consequences have been liquidated. Those who should be working hard to prevent another breakthrough of terrorist activity we see on television every day. In the last days of August government officials have been demonstrating a rare case of utter dismay. After each terrorist act leaders of defense units used to state that everything will be investigated, necessary measures will be taken, security will be strengthened. But each day brought nothing but disappointment with the law-enforcement. As though the bandits simply wanted to mock at their promises, at their vulnerability, thus demonstrating Russian people how miserable, useless their law-enforcement units really are.

Recent explosion at a bus stop in Moscow police classified as mere hooliganism. Specialist used to warn that Russian law-enforcement only provokes terrorists to commit more evil deeds by labeling such events wrong. Nevertheless, office of public prosecutor had to change its opinion regarding the blast after the public protest initiated by the independent media.

As for the two airplane crashes, Office of Public Prosecutor considered the initial version which regarded the crashes as terrorist acts not applicable. It was not until later that investigators discovered that the pilots attempted to send the SOS signal.

After the blast at the “Rizhskaya” metro station in Moscow Russian law-enforcement officials no longer used the term “accident”. They simply publicly announced their decision to bring an action into court regarding the explosion.

As soon as the next day terrorists demonstrated how scared they were of such threats. And why should they be afraid of some guys in the uniform who have been primarily defending interests of private individuals for the past four years? Do they really think they’ll be able to scare terrorists, bandits, criminals? No! The only people our police can scare are businessmen and ordinary civilians. Why should a terrorist hiding somewhere in the mountains be afraid of our defense units? Year after year they prove to us and to themselves that they do not consider even the toughest security posts to be serious obstacles. It does not take an expert to help us classify double plane crash as a terrorist act.

It is hard to imagine that leaders of defense units in any civilized democratic country would remain at power after such major failure. It is hard to imagine that Russian citizens would not be surprised if no one resigns. Russian on-line forums are flooded with peoples’ wrathful letters who cannot comprehend Putin’s inactivity.

It is obvious that if Putin fails to find enough courage to distance himself from his current defense units, then all those multiple claims will be redressed to him personally. If worst comes to worst, Russian president will be greatly criticized.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov