Terrorists' video filmed inside Beslan school aired in Russia

Over a thousand people are seen sitting down in the gymnasium

On Tuesday night, September 7th, the Russian television company NTV aired the footage of a video tape, which terrorists had made inside the seized school. The footage was broadcast on television for the first time.

The tape shows a cameraman – one of the terrorists – filming everything that was happening in the gymnasium of School №1 in the North Ossetian town of Beslan. The tape was apparently made on September 1st, several hours after the siege. The footage showed the militants placing bombs. One may see wires everywhere around the gym.

The terrorists placed the bombs in the middle of the gymnasium and around the periphery. One may see blood stains on the floor – the terrorists had killed some of the hostages before the special services were forced to storm the school.

One of the terrorists said: “Wait, don't bring the children over here, wait until they all come out of that room.”

The terrorists allowed the hostages visit the bathroom by turn. A female suicide terrorist is seen sitting in one of the apertures of the gym. She is holding a Makarov gun in her hand and wearing a bomb belt. The woman is dressed in black from head to foot. Over a thousand people are seen sitting down in the gymnasium. They are all quiet, there is no panic.

One may also see a terrorist's foot on a book, thought to be a detonator. The terrorist cameraman filmed the view outside the school: a house is seen burning nearby. Another terrorist is heard talking over a cellular phone.

Released hostages said that the terrorists were filming the events happening inside the school, but the special services had not seen the tape.

NTV photos

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Author`s name Olga Savka