Explosion near Rizhskaya Metro station could be done by two suicide bombers who stay in Moscow

The female suicide bombers could be involved both in terrorist act near Rizhskaya Metro Station and in the two air crashes
Shortly before the explosion near Rizhskaya Metro Station in Moscow happened, PRAVDA.Ru pointed out that the group of the suicide bombers, who exploded two Russian jetliners Tu-154 and Tu-134 could have two other female bombers in addition to Aminat Nagayeva and Satsita Jebirkhanova – the two suspects of the recent air crashes in Russia.

Aminat Nagayeva's sister Rosa Nagayeva and another Chechen woman Maryam Taburova joined the two above-mentioned females, as they left the Daghestan-based city of Khasavyurt on Sunday morning, the Izvestia reports. The whereabouts of the two Chechens is not known yet.

Investigators say they have an eyewitness, who knew all four women in person. She saw them taking a bus in Khasavyurt, although she could not remember, where the bus was going to. It is not ruled out the bus was heading to Moscow.

Regional internal affairs agencies say none of the four women were noticed for having contacts with Chechen militants. “The girls are innocent. There was a supposition that Aminat Nagayeva was a sister of gunman Nagayev, but it was not verified. My people arrested that gunman about a year ago, he is in no relation with the woman,” a spokesman for the Chechen Interior Affairs Ministry told the Izvestia.

Meanwhile, FSB agents, investigating the reasons of the double air crash, have found the traces of hexogen on Aminat Nagayeva's remains, the Gazeta reports. Nagayeva and Jebirkhanova are still considered the two prime suspects of the terrorist acts. Both women of the Chechen origin acquired plane tickets quickly.

Investigators determined that Jebirkhanova had bought a ticket for the plane, which was to leave the next day. Later, however, the woman exchanged the ticket for an earlier plane. She did that after the registration of passengers started. Nagayeva also purchased her ticket to Volgograd after the start of the passenger registration.

In addition, the bodies of the two women have not been identified yet – no one addressed to the police in connection with their disappearance.

An Izvestia correspondent, who met the relatives of the killed people, put forward a version, according to which Nagayeva and Jebirkhanova were not involved in terrorist acts. The reporter supposed that other female terrorists had used their documents. It is impossible to verify this version for the time being due to the fact the relatives of the two Chechen women have not addressed to law-enforcement agencies yet. If it really happened so, the Izvestia wrote, Jebirkhanova and Nagayeva could have been killed in the city of Baku. The two women were market vendors and they often visited Baku to purchase goods there.

According to another version of the newspaper (the police are investigating this one too), both Nagayeva and Jebirkhanova were members of a terrorist group indeed. If it is true, two other Chechen suicide bombers are currently staying in Moscow.

They could be involved in the explosion near Rizhskaya Metro Station where 8 people were killed at night of August 31 .

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova