Georgia handed the body of young man tortured to death, to South Ossetia

At night of August 20, Georgian military handed South Ossetia the body of a young man who died in the combat over one of the hills near South Ossetian capital Tskhinvali.
Georgians say that killed Gennady Sanakoev was Russian, and he fought on the Cossack’s side.

South Ossetia confirmed that Sanakoev’s body was transported to the mortuary with the assistance of the Russian Embassy in Georgia. However, the representative of South Ossetian authorities Irina Gagloeva says that he was Ossetian, not Russian man. Ms. Gagloeva said that “according to our experts, this young man was tortured to death, and he was probably tortured by Georian special services in town Gori”.
“Sanakoev was captured by Georgian soldiers in the combat over the Dzhavskie hills, and he later was killed in town Gori. They cut his head and humiliated him much”,
said Ms. Gagloeva in an Echo of Moscow interview.
The man who died in combat on August 19, was a South Ossetian soldier, said South Ossetian Minister for Special Assignments Boris Chochiev. "Georgians said that the dead man was a Cossack, but in fact he was a native of Dzhavsky District of South Ossetia”, said the Minister.

In the morning of August 19 Georgian Interior Ministry broadcast the images of the strategic hills near South Ossetian capital Tskhinvali. The hills were seized by Georgian soldiers that morning.

They showed the images of dug-outs, trenches, mortars, grenade cup discharges, small arms and an armored vehicle in the trench. A dead man was shown on Georgian TV as well, and they said that this was “a 18-year-old Cossack". A Georgian TV anchor said that the images of the other seven killed Cossacks would be broadcast later.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova