Teacher pedophile released from prison

Seven years and 6 months ago, Mary Kay Letourneau was found guilty of having sex with one of her 6th grade students. 
She was sentenced to prison in the state of Washington, and was released from prison yesterday. 

In a story that made headline news, and sickened the stomachs of most Americans, Letourneau was found guilty of not only having sex with a 6th grader, but also having 2 children fathered by the 12 year old boy. 

Her former lover who is now 21 is challenging the court order the states Letourneau is forbidden to have any contact with him.  The young man states he still loves her. 

In 1977, Letourneau was found guilty with having sex with a minor and was permitted a liberal sentence 6 months in jail and a court order to stay away from the boy.  Letourneau could not resist the temptations and was caught having sex with the boy in her car just after her release.  This time, the judge sent her to prison for 7 and one half years.   

Michael Berglin

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova