Children catch meningitis in a summer camp

Dangerous disease was diagnosed with more than a hundred children Doctors say children caught the dangerous disease swimming in the Chusovoy river. The river flows not far from the Izumrud (Emerald) summer camp, where children come for summer holidays. Swimming in the river was prohibited, but the children ignored the rule.

”The meningitis virus appeared in the river because of the heat. The river became shallow, the water turned green. As far as I know children were not allowed to go to swim in the river, but when parents came to visit their children, they took them to the river. Children could not help but swim in the water, the weather was too hot,” doctor Tatiana Savinova said.

Twenty children caught the meningitis virus from water. The personnel of the summer camp took necessary measures and disinfected the territory. Doctors, however, decided to examine children twice a day, which revealed more patients. Meningitis was diagnosed with a hundred more children, before the camp was closed for quarantine. The administration of the camp will have to carry the adequate responsibility.

”Serous meningitis is not dangerous to health. Children feel very bad, they have nausea and diarrhea. However, they become immune to this disease as well,” Tatiana Savinova commented.

Many children are currently recovering. Doctors say the incubation period of the disease is long, that is why they expect to have more young patients at hospitals.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova