Sharon’s chancellery called Russian reporter intelligence officer

Official letter of reply of Ariel Sharon’s chancellery to the Maariv newspaper named reporter of Trud newspaper in Israel Konstantin Kapitonov the officer of Russian intelligence.
The chancellery wrote in its official letter, "Kapitonov is  Russian intelligence officer, being in Israel under the pretext of journalistic work, he establishes connections with Israeli citizens, and use some of them in the intelligence purposes.

According to the article in the Maariv, Mr. Kapitonov denies the allegations and  cannot understand why security service Shin Bet traces his phone conversations.

"When I arrived in Israel and saw for myself what is happening here – terrorist attacks killing innocent Israeli citizens, my opinion changed. I have not become pro-Israel, but I tried to practice thoughtful writing about the development. I am not hypocritical, but my beliefs have changed. I consider myself Israeli patriot, to such an extent, that if it will be necessary to fight for Israel tomorrow, I will volunteer if they accept me".

In 2 weeks, on August 8, Mr. Kapitonov’s accreditation in Israel expires. He is afraid that the authorities will not extend his accreditation.

Meanwhile, Konstantin Kapitonov’s article in Trud published last week, caused a “storm” among the repatriants from Russia. The authorities read the article as well.

Konstantin Kapitonov wrote that ethnic Russians undergo racism of Israeli society. They are dismissed from work because of minor things, Russian soldiers are buried in separate places, Russian children are called goys and pigs". The article quoted Eli Ishai and other Israelis who said that ethnic Russians pose danger for the Jewish nature of the state, and for this reason they are not welcomed in Israel.

"Ethnic Russians are oppressed in Israel as Jews were oppressed in the former Soviet Union. In other words, there are no Russian deputies of Knesset, no Russian pilots, no Russians in military industry, and so on”, wrote Konstantin Kapitonov.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova