Homeless terrorists cut out butterfly on man's buttocks

A group of former prisoners terrorized homeless people in Tyumen

The Office of the Public Prosecutor in the city of Tyumen is investigating the criminal case on three homeless citizens. The case has been filed on the allegation of murder. A burning heating main bunker was reported to a local police station at the end of June. A fire brigade quickly extinguished the fire and found two homeless people in the bunker. One of them was apparently dead, the other one was very drunk. Medical experts concluded, the man died because of smoke intoxication.

During the examination of the body, investigators found the man’s ears were lacerated. In addition, they found a butterfly-formed cut out on the man's buttocks, Vsluh.Ru reports.

The possible homeless eyewitness of the incident became sober only two days later. As it turned out later, the clan of homeless people living in the area of Karl Marx Street had been enduring hard times from February of the current year.

A Tyumen citizen indicted on probation and former prisoners settled in the heating main bunker near a colony of homeless people. Eldar Nasirov, investigator of the Tyumen Office of the Public Prosecutor, said the new settlers looked a lot better in comparison with their homeless neighbors. They even shaved and washed themselves at times. The men were making their living with the help of collecting metal scrap and glass bottles.

The newcomers found an entertainment soon. They went to their neighbors after every alcohol party. The 'program of the visit' usually included execution of weak-willed people. They brutally beat the ones, who dared to be rude to them.

The 'homeless mafia' started horrifying the inhabitants of heating mains and basements nearby. One day the criminals came to a neighboring bunker of the heating main and attacked its inhabitant. One of the assaulters was holding a burning newspaper as a torch, while two others were beating the homeless man. One of the criminals offered to lacerate the man's ears with a knife. The other one said he wanted to cut a butterfly on the man's buttocks. Such a cut-out wound is considered to be stain of humiliation in local prisons.

Having mutilated the victim, the criminals threw the burning newspaper on the floor of the bunker and left. The homeless man died of coal gas intoxication. It became known as a result of the preliminary intoxication, homeless terrorists had committed another murder. In the same bunker they beat up dead another middle-aged homeless in April of the current year.

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Author`s name Olga Savka