"Yaponchik": closer to the oligarch

Vyacheslav Ivankov (known as “Yaponchik” or “the little Japanese” for his slightly resemblance of Asian facial traits), one of the most notorious Russian criminals has been transported back home to Russia.

Ivankov has been released from a US federal prison a day before being deported back to his motherland. Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs along with the Office of Public Prosecutor has kept it a secret.

It wasn't until late Tuesday night that the information about Ivankov’s extradition was released. “Yaponchik” was scheduled to arrive to the Moscow’s International Airport “Sheremetievo-2”. All the expenses have already been paid by the American side.

Security was so tight that many journalists could not see anything. Small private jet “Golf stream” has been moved to the farthest area of the airport upon its arrival as a precaution. Security was afraid of possible attacks. Americans were quite worried too. They also talk about the possibility of “Yaponchik”’s assassination.

Upon his arrival to Moscow, Ivankov was delivered to the “Matrosskaya Tishina” prison. In their attempt to fool local journalists, security services had two separate corteges; the second one transported the newly released “criminal”.

By the way, American authorities did not only deliver Ivankov back to his native country. Six other Russian citizens (former prisoners) accompanied “Yaponchik” on his way back home.

Most likely, Ivankov will be placed in a neighboring cell with the Russian tycoon Khodorkovsky. In the meantime, Office of the Public Prosecutor has already prepared all the necessary documents to face “Yaponchik” with new charges—double homicide. According to vice public prosecutor of Moscow Vladimir Yudin, charges against Ivankov could be pressed as early as later today. reliable sources claim that “Yaponchik” has already found himself a lawyer to defend him in court.        

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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey