Gypsy man raped young guy in Moscow

The trial on the man who raped the mentally ill young guy, will be started soon.
Gypsy Ubaidov came to Moscow from Tajikistan and met his victim near the square of the three railway stations. Bums frequent this place.

It was late night. The man asked the guy for some change to buy vodka. The teenager gave Ubaidov all the change he had, and started talking with the man.

The young guy told that he left his parents who had made him worship the God. Later the police found out that both the parents are fanatical members of Jehovah Witnesses sect. Maybe their desire to get their son involved in religion, caused the mental disease of the teenager.

Ubaidov offered the young guy to overnight in the electric train. He took the teenager to Kazansky railway station, to the train on 11th platform. When they both entered the train car, Ubaidov said that he was a doctor and could cure the teenager by conjuring away. However, this required the ritual of purification. He ordered the young guy to undress, and then raped him. The police heard the teenager shouting and arrested the Gypsy.

The investigation revealed that the Gypsy committed similar crimes earlier. In the 80s he was imprisoned for raping a minor girl. Then he was tried for robbery.

Surprisingly, Ubaidov had a job in Moscow at the time of his crime – he was doing repair works in the police station.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova