Darfur: Ethnic Cleansing

Worsening humanitarian situation as Janjaweed militia continue with ethnic cleansing operation in war-torn South-West Sudan.
The refugees continue to flood across the border into Chad at the rate of hundreds a week. Despite peace agreements signed between the Sudanese government and two rebel factions in the south of the country, attacks on ethnic Negroes by Arab Janjaweed militia continue unabated.

According to reports from the United nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), over 100,000 refugees have been accommodated in safe camps in Chad but "hundreds more are continuing to flee the war-torn region of Darfur because of deadly militia attacks", declared Jennifer Pagonis at a press conference in Geneva yesterday.

Stories of looting, rape, arson and wanton destruction continue, disturbingly also among those who had been convinced that the situation was safe enough to return to.

The UNO continues to claim that there are still well over a million Internally Displaced Persons in the Darfur region, many of whom do not have enough food to eat, no safe drinking water and who are at risk of disease, including an outbreak of Ebola.

Meanwhile the ethnic cleansing by the Janjaweed goes on. Now they have begun a new trend, to mount cross-border attacks on the refugees housed in the camps in Chad. This, in a world in which the UNO has to fight to achieve the funding necessary to do its work, while countries like the United States of America deride, insult and disobey this Organization and then spend hundreds of thousands of millions of dollars in slaughtering civilians in Iraq.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova