Moscow on the verge of epidemic?

Moscow and Moscow regions are threatened with  syphilis, hepatitis and HIV epidemic.

In the course of the past eight years, Moscow clinics and those in the suburban areas have been supplied with blood of infected donors.

Leading specialist of the computer engineering department of Moscow's Office of Public Prosecutor Elena Pchelenkova in her interview to the radio “Echo of Moscow” stated the following: “We are faced with serious epidemic; I do not only mean Moscow, but the entire country. The epidemic does not only concern syphilis but also HIV and hepatitis B and C.”

“I've been investigating this case for a rather extended period of time… According to my data, 325 people have been administered this dirty blood,” said she. “20 people can get blood from one single infected donor,” noted Pchelenkova.

“I have addressed the issue many times, but unfortunately, everything remains the same.” Pchelenkova forwarded an address to the public prosecutor of Moscow's suburban area Ivan Sydoruk clearly explaining the matter at stake. According to her address, not only is the “dirty blood” used for transfusion, it is also used as a basis for making measles vaccines for children.

“It can be said without exaggeration that the future of our entire country is at stake,” says Elena Pchelenkova. “Blood of Moscow donors is used in blood banks all across Moscow its and regions and also by foreign pharmaceutical companies on the Russian territory. The companies in turn supply their drugs on the entire Russian market.”

Blood is considered “clean” after 3 months. However, the so-called “hidden” period for syphilis can last up to 6 months.

Moscow's regional scientific-research center confirmed to “Gazeta” that science has not yet determined the actual incubation period of hepatitis B, C and HIV. For instance, HIV incubation period may last up to 30 years.

So far, only one person has been able to prove doctor's negligence in court.

It happened nearly four years ago in the Russian town of Pensa. A 47-year woman had to undergo an emergency surgery. Her spleen was successfully removed. After a month however, when the woman showed up for a regular check up, she was diagnosed with HIV. As it turned out later, she was infected during blood transfusion. The donor was also discovered. He turned out to be one of the doctors at the hospital.

Amount of defective blood is increasing annually. Doctors however assure that the population is not at risk.

Lack of money seems to be the reason.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov