Colombian police arrest woman for stealing unborn baby from mother's womb

A woman has been arrested in Giradot, Columbia for stealing an unborn baby from its mother's womb in the southern Colombian city of Giradot.
The woman faces charges of drugging the child's mother and leading her to a house where her womb was cut open.

The baby was found with the alleged kidnapper hours later and was reunited with its mother.

According to local police, the surgical operation to deliver the eight-month-old foetus was presumably performed with a kitchen knife.

Yesid Vasquez, Police Commander, Cundinamarca, said: "The woman came to San Rafael's hospital and informed the situation she had gone through. She explained that another woman gave her some water and after she drank it she lost control. Then she turned up with a cut on her stomach and realised that somebody had performed surgery and that she didn't have her baby anymore. The baby was eight months old."

The mother, despite bleeding heavily from the cut, managed to cry for help.

She said she remembered sensing the feeling of her stomach being cut.

She later touched her stomach and there was no baby.

Police believe the kidnapper was not acting alone and they are hunting for her accomplices. 

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova