Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova

Female forced mentally ill girl to work as $5 prostitute

Residents of Boston are shocked: senior students of the West Junior High School made female junior students have sex with them.
The mentally ill 13-year old girl became their first victim, they raped her dozens of times, every rapist gave her $5 dollars for sex.

Currently the police is trying to prosecute the girl’s female classmate who persuaded her to give sex to senior students.

School Superintendent Joseph Badge said in a Boston Herald interview that nobody had been aware of this as the brothel was made in the back yard of the supermarket half a mile away from the school. "As soon as they live school, they are on their own”, said the Superintendent.

Police Lieutenant William Konlon confirmed that the investigation of the case is in progress, but did not elaborate.

Superintendent Badge said that the13-year-old “prostitute” denies all in the police interrogation, but the Boston Herald wrote that the girl is giving evidence to the police. According to Mr. Badge, she is “an ordinary student”, but the newspaper wrote that the girl’s problem was slow maturity and she needed undergoing special educational  programs.
According to the Boston Herald, minimum 20 senior student of the two schools - West Junior High и Brockton High School – were raping the girl for several weeks. Charges have already been brought against one of the 18-yeard old rapists by the police.

The police would have been unaware of all this for a long time if the two senior students had not wished more variety. The two girls complained to the school principal that the 13-year old “Madam” is urging them to join the “sex club”.