Monument to the dog killed by 22-year-old fashion model, will be erected in Moscow Metro

The monument to the dog brutally killed by the fashion model 2 years ago, will be erected in Mendeleevskaya Metro Station in Moscow.
Dog called “Boy” was an ordinary street dog, vendors of the stalls and other “residents” of the Metro underpass fed the dog which lived in the underpass for several years.

22-year-old fashion model Yuliana Romanova was walking through the underpass with her terrier dog. The tall girl (182 centimeters) was wearing gaudy clothing: black velour hat with wide brim, blue coat with fur list, mini-skirt and high boots.

All of a sudden, the girl started setting her terrier on Boy who was sleeping peacefully. Then the girl attacked Boy by herself. She took the knife out of her backpack and stabbed the dog 6 times, in his chest, back and groin.

The owner of one of the stalls stopped this. Soon the police and the ambulance brigade arrived. The doctors refused to take the girl to the hospital as they did not take her killing the dog seriously.

The police was not too active in investigating the case, while the fashion model tried to go abroad. The Izvestia newspaper called the girl, and she did not seem to be very sorry about the dog’s death.

”All this does not matter now”, she said to the reporter. “I can only say that I regret. But in a week I am going to Spain for a job. I hope to forget all this. At least you will not bother me any more”.

However, all her dreams did not come true. A group of activists appealed to the police and the authorities. Legal hearing in the court was conducted, and the court recognized the girl irresponsible. The court verdict required the girl to be placed in the psychiatric clinic, and she is in the clinic now.

After that, a group of singers and movie stars wrote a letter to the Chief of Moscow Metro asking to erect the monument to the dog and call it “Compassion”.

In a year the monument was ready. It is a bronze street dog picking nits on a big granite pedestal.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova