Russian marriage scam: Part II. Egyptian Criminal in Moscow

This man (the name of the person) is an Egyptian who lived in Moscow and  speciliazes in robbing Arab and Egyptian tourists in Moscow.
I was a victim of him; he stole $12000.00 and my Compaq laptop after putting a sedative in my tea.

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The story begins from the Rossija Hotel where I was staying between Nov 5th, 2003 and Nov 20th, 2003. 

This criminal met me in the lobby and introduced himself as a diplomat who works in the Egyptian Embassy in Moscow. 

He came to find  out if I work and live in the US and of course he saw the way I spend money and he started drawing his plans…

With the help of a Russian woman (the name of the woman), they hired 2 thieves to attack me near St. Basil Cathedral on Nov 19th, 2003 around 7.00pm.

I had a severe damage of my face, and then he came and said that ”He works as an intelligence officer in the Egyptian Embassy in Moscow, they knew that some people were following me “.

He asked me to check out from the Rossija Hotel and come to go to his house to treat and protect me until morning time.

He put a sedative in the tea, I fell asleep, then he stole my $12000.00 and my Compaq laptop, expensive clothes plus 130 DVD’s.

He put fake $4200 in my jacket and took me to the airport where I was flying to Frankfurt and then New York.

In Frankfurt, Lufthansa’s crew called a doctor for me, he asked for $100, I paid him, and 5 minutes later I was arrested and detained for 70 days until the court pleaded me 100% innocent and released me.

My ex-fiancй (the nameof Russian lady) and her mother were behind this criminal.

I filed a lawsuit against Germany in the European Court Of Human Rights asking for 70 Million Euro in compensation for the moral and financial damage I went through.

Such as those Russian Brides Scamers and the Egyptian Criminal need to be caught and stopped.

Hisham Salem

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova