War encourages sexual instincts in people

The unique thing about torturing Iraqi prisoners is that men were abused by women.
Famous psychologist, Academician of World Ecology Academy, the author of a number of books on stress in war, Leonid Kitaev-Smyk is saying about person’s behavior in war in a Strana.ru interview.

The scholar did research at 1st and 2nd Chechen wars, in the Middle East, in the conflict between Palestine and Israel. He believes that the sadist behavior of US soldiers in Iraq resulted from the lack of moral principles and the crisis of the US civilization. Mr. Kitaev-Smyk says that even in Chechnya the moral both of Russian military and Chechen combatants is better. 

Is the situation within US society connected with torturing Iraqi prisoners by US soldiers? Did it resulted from the incidents like school students shooting at their classmates?

By the way, about 40,000 people are murdered in Russia every year. I would say that the case of torture is an extraordinary incident. I was surprised to see that females were involved in tortures and abuses. In fact, any war has crimes of this kind.  Soldiers and officers are sent to war to win by killing their enemies (whether they are soldiers or hostile civilians). Soldiers must kill the enemy to survive. There is much death and dead bodies (including your friends). People suffer. I remember Russian intelligence officers coming back after the military operation in Chechnya. One of them said, “I will revenge for my friend Vasya all my life!”

When a person sees so many killed people, such a thing as zoo-anthropology reflex, is awaken in the person. This reflex originates from human being’s history as an animal. One has a desire to protect oneself from death, not only by killing enemies, but also by reproducing new life. Sexual instincts grow in the person. As war is violence, these reflexes are revealed as rape.

There is information that after the World War II about 2.5 million kids were born in Germany, whose fathers were the troops of anti-Hitler coalition. In majority of cases, this was rape.

For what reasons did US troops have this reflex so soon? Was their psychic so weak?

Every person has such reflexes. Surely, they were revealed after some time. The war in Iraq has lasted long, with many deaths. Meanwhile, a modern person from European civilization faces death very rarely. The image of death is shocking for him, and awakes sexual instincts. And they are most frequently revealed towards a weak enemy who is in humiliated position, for example in prison.

Weakness provokes sexual assault. We should blame the situation which encourages abuses and violence. On the other hand, fighting war crimes can undermine the Army. If the Army does not hate the enemy, it will not be effective in war. The task of military doctrine is to find the balance of ethics and moral in war.

Certainly, the individual traits of the person are also among the reasons of such behavior.

Do you justify war crimes?

Lawyers of war criminals often use this explanation. These people are also victims of war.

You connect sexual assault with the position of the winner, but today Americans are hardly the winners in Iraq…

Sexual rape has been one of the war features and the ways of subduing peoples since ancient times. The captured town was usually given to soldiers for robbery and rape for several days. The right to rape increased the Army aggressiveness.

On the contrary, abuse and sadism is the conduct of the weak who were humiliated by others in the course of their lives. Being in the dominant position, such people cannot stop their inclination to abuse.

Remarkably, the Americans who abused the imprisoned Iraqis, did not just humiliated their victims, but also tried to demonstrate this. To film and show the world where they were nobody, that they were strong and were even capable of committing crime.

Still, I was extremely surprised to see females as was criminals. In the other wars, I saw nothing of this sort. Neither in Chechnya nor in Israel. I think that this phenomenon resulted from defective cult of feminism, the unnatural idea of equality between man and woman, and the cult of homosexuality.  These are pathology.

What could you see in Chechnya?

Any war produces violence, and Chechen war is not an exception. However, in Chechen war the inclination to sexual violence is strictly limited by the moral norms of both Russians and Chechens. Sexual assault is unnatural for Chechen ethnos and Russian civilization. There are still some constraints in our society despite the fact that it is being influenced by Western civilization. I am aware of the cases of rape in Chechnya, but there were very few of them. However, there was much abuse to prisoners, made both by Russians and Chechens.

Did you see in Chechnya things like the ones in American prisons?

No. The incidents caused by US troops resulted from amorality of Western society, especially in the USA. Men there live in the world of sexual lust. Many images of naked body cause excitation in the men, as a result many of them get sick with prostate adenoma, and then with prostate cancer. In recent years, even young people get sick with these diseases. Overabundance of naked bodies, unnatural feminism, fashion for homosexuality – these are signs of civilization degradation, and this results in ability to conduct immoral actions. For this reason, I believe that the incidents leaked in the press are just a small fraction of the crimes committed by the US and other coalition troops in Iraq. This is the feature of their civilization.

Is this civilization collapsing?

Population is dying out in the majority of Western countries, while life expectancy increases. This is degradation of the society, despite the other factors demonstrating its progress. Homosexuality is a remarkable mechanism of society degrading, it results not in reproducing people, but in stopping reproducing functions. The ancient civilizations which collapsed, had had the cult of homosexuality, naked body and sexual orgies.

I would say that the more problematic society is the more violence it produces.

By the way, US Army soldiers are in much more comfortable conditions than Russian troops in Chechnya (Russian soldiers often has to buy food and uniform on their own money). American soldiers are even taken to Kuwait for a rest. Why don’t the comfortable conditions safeguard them from revealing the zoo-anthropology reflex?

Do you remember the American movie depicting the US after the attack of Soviet atomic bomb? As a result, there was neither electricity nor water. An American is unable to live without hot water. High level of comfort in peaceful life greatly reduces the efficiency of the US Army in war.  This reflex is strong when there are no constraints. The armies of the countries bearing degradation and amorality, brings these features to war. Generals raised by these civilizations, have no idea where they could borrow the norms of moral. Moral will not arise from nowhere.

Ksenia Fokina

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova