Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova

Who kidnapped Russians in Iraq

There is a version that some mafia clan took Russians hostages in Iraq.
For 3 days there has been no information of the two Russians captured in Iraq. The people who captured them, did not call anywhere and did not request anything.

The Russian employees of Interenergoservice company are alive, said the company Head Alexander Abramov, but the location of them is still unknown.

Meanwhile, Head of Consular Department of Russian Embassy in Baghdad Bashir Malsagov stated that he can neither confirm nor deny the information of some news agencies that the 2 Russian hostages in Iraq are alive.

Head of Moscow Bureau of Al-Jazeera Akram Khazam said that the 2 Russians “were kidnapped neither by political or radical organization, because the kidnappers produced no demands”.

The vehicle of Russian engineers was attacked in the morning of May 10. The Russian specialists were returning to Baghdad after restoration works at the power station located 50 kilometers South of the Iraqi capital. 44-year old Alexei Konorev was killed, another 2 Russians aged 28 and 34, were taken hostages.

Earlier the employees of Interenergoservice were fired at, and one of them was wounded. Recently several company employees were taken hostages and released after the militants learnt that they were Russians. After this incident 366 people from Russia and the former USSR were evacuated from Iraq.  The same number of Russians decided to stay in the country. Only 50 out of 365 employees of Interenergoservice decided to leave Iraq. All the rest volunteered to stay.

After the murder of the Russian engineer 100 more Russians decided to leave Iraq. They will be evacuated on May 17.