The most terrible maniacs and their victims

Russia has high rate of crimes committed by maniacs.
The latest detected crime of this kind in Russia was keeping 2 females by the man as his sexual slaves in the garage basement for over 3 years, but it was not among the most cruel crimes to women in Russia in recent years.

In 2003 Muscovites were terrified with the murders of girls and women in the North-Eastern neighborhood of the city. There was a version that one maniac committed all these crimes. However, no evidence of this version was found.

After July 2003, about 20 Moscow women were killed by suffocating and inflicting head traumas to them.

The first dead girl was found in the Main Botanic Garden of Russian Academy of Science on July 1. She was suffocated and had a gag in her mouth.

On July 2 the dead body of the suffocated 18-year old girl was found in the kindergarten yard on 2nd Vladimirskaya Street at 1pm.

On July 4 the dead body of the suffocated 28-year old lady was found in the park on Yablochkova Street. The woman was working as a clerk at Moscow City Legislature.

On July 8 the dead suffocated 24-year old girl was found in the apartment on Inginernaya Street.

On July 11 the dead body of the suffocated 32-year old woman was found behind the garages on Dubninskaya Street.

On July 19 dead suffocated 17-year old female student of Agricultural Academy was found near Lenigradsky Highway.

On the same day the police found the dead body of the girl who died from the head trauma in the park in North-Western Moscow.

The third dead body for this day was found in Kuzminsky park at 2pm. This was one more suffocated lady, aged 25-30.

On July 27 the dead body of the 42-year old lady was found in Otradny Passage.

On July 30 suffocated 18-year old female student was found near the river, on August 7 the big bag containing the dead body of another female was found in the park.

On August 31 the police found the new grave of the 2 girls near Rodnik holiday home in Moscow region. Both the girls were beaten and stabbed with the knife to death. There were 15 knife wounds in their bodies.

In November 2003 the 30-year old maniac who killed about 25 women, was arrested in Rostov region.

The man resided in Rostov-na-Donu, but committed crimes not only in his region, but also in neighboring Krasnodar and Stavropol regions. All the killed females were young attractive girls.

Whore-hater from Berdyansk

In March 2004 the sewerage well filled with the bodies of women, was found in town Berdyansk. All the women were previously involved in prostitution. 

The 31-year old man was arrested, he is the suspect for these crimes.

Despite the high crime rate in Russia, Great Britain and the USA are the leaders on the number of maniacs-murderers.

NEWSru composed the list of the most terrible murderers of all epochs:

1. Pedro Alonso Lopes, Columbia. The criminal called “monster from the Andes” was accused of the murders of 300 people in Columbia, Ecuador and Peru. Only 57 murders were proved to be committed by him.

2. Harold Sheepman, Great Britain. For 25 years in medicine, the doctor killed minimum 215 people. The figure of 494 victims was named in legal hearing, but this was not proved.

3. Lewis Alfredo Gavarito, Columbia. In 1999 this man confessed of murdering 140 people. The investigation of his case is still in progress.

4. Donald Henri Haskins, USA. The criminal was executed in 1991 on accusations of the number of murders. According to the police, he killed more than 100 people.

5. Jaived Ikbal, Pakistan. In March 2000 charges of killing 100 children were broght to him. The maniac was executed.

6. Henry Lee Lukas, the USA. In 1979 he was sentenced to death penalty on accusation of killing an unidentified tourist. In the 1980s he confessed of committing hundreds of crimes, but later did not confirm his statement. The death penalty was replaced with life imprisonment.

7. Delphina and Maria de Ezus Gonsales, Mexico. In 1964 the two sisters and owners of the brothel were sentenced to 40 years of imprisonment for killing 80 women and 11 men.
8. Andrei Chikatilo, Russia. In 1992 the maniac from Rostov-na-Donu was accused in murdering 52 females, although he confessed of killing 55 and more people.

9. Anatoly Onoprienko, Ukraine. For 5 years he terrified Ukrainian villages, and killed 52 people. In 1999 he was executed.

Source: Russian media

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova