Terrorists concentrate on the East: Jordan hardly avoided attack

On April 26 Jordanian TV broadcast the images of the terrorists who had prepared the attack which could be more devastating that 9/11.
The criminals prepared about 20 tons of explosives and – for the first time in the history of Islamic terrorism - poisonous chemicals. They were going to attack the US Embassy and other US premises in Jordan, along with Jordanian special services headquarters.
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According to the leader of the group Azmi Dzhayusi, the terrorist attack was organized by one of Al-Quaeda leaders Abu Musab az-Zarkivi. He is considered as one of bin Laden’s closest associates in charge of the terrorist activity in Iraq.

Trucks with explosives and chemicals were supposed to be operated by drivers-martyrs. According to the experts, the terrorists had explosives and chemicals sufficient for killing 20,000 people. Jordanian special services arrested the members of the terrorist group when they were about to complete their preparations for the attack.

Remarkably, neither the USA nor Europe was chosen the target for so powerful attack, but a Middle Eastern country. This may be caused by efficient work of American and European special services – they could create unfriendly environment for plotting major terrorist acts in their countries. However, the case of Spain raises doubts about this. More likely, Islamic terrorists changed their strategy because of the latest developments in Iraq. After troops from Western countries were deployed in Iraq and strong resistance to them was organized, Europe and the USA became of less importance for terrorists. The West advanced into the East and got stuck, and the major battle will be right there, under worse conditions for the West and with final outcome which is far more important as it used to be.

Currently terrorists are preoccupied with fighting against the pro-Western regimes in the Arabic world. Overthrowing them is an easier task than attacking Western countries. The proponents of global jihad perceived the logic of Americans saying that the war in Iraq would radically change the balance of power within the Arabic world. And these people seem to be playing this “chess game” with white figures.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova