McDonald's employs syphilitics, those with AIDS and Hepatitis C

21-year old waitress of Mcdonald's located in the town of Kazan has died due to cocaine overdose right at work.

Kazan lawyer Lavrenty Sichinava has filed a lawsuit April 8, 2004 in regards to the incident. In it, he asks a district court of the town of Vakhitovsk to reimburse moral damages and impose a penalty on the company “McDonald's-Moscow” in the amount of 5 million rubles, reports newspaper “Russian Courier.”

Mr. Sichinava presents the following grounds to substantiate his claims. Apparently, on April 2 from the issue of “Evening Kazan”, he has learned that a 21-year old McDonald's waitress had died of drug overdose right at work.

Medical examination determined that the girl had the so-called “cocaine heart”. In addition, it turned out she was also HIV positive, had syphilis and Hepatitis C.

According to Sachinava, such fact signifies terrible violation of hygiene norms and regulations as well as violation of rules under the article 7 of the law of “Customer Bill of Rights.”

Part one of the article states that “a customer has a right to know that merchandise (service) does not pose any health dangers and is not life threatening. Requirements that have to ensure customer's safety are mandatory and are constituted by law or orally.”

Apparently, those requirements that had to ensure customer’s safety, failed to do so. The plaintiff also refers to the article 11 of the law of “sanitary-and-epidemiologic welfare of the population.” According to the plaintiff, the restaurant chain failed to comply with either one of the regulations.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov