US troops forbade Russian citizens in Iraq to leave?

The military clashes in Iraq put the foreign citizens working in this country, in a very difficult position. reported that the civilians from different countries whose contacts had been expired (including Russians), cannot leave Iraq.

The occupying authorities informed the international companies in Iraq about the temporary ban to leave the country.

In the beginning of March, Russian Embassy in Iraq confirmed the information that dozens of Russian citizens were constructing a power station 70 kilometers from Baghdad. Some of them were to leave Iraq this week. Russian diplomats are trying to obtain permissions for them to leave the country.

Italian intelligence SISMI warned that the foreigners in Iraq could be kidnapped to be used for blackmailing their countries to withdraw their troops from Iraq.

There are many foreigners in Iraq from NGOs and constructing companies.

The citizen of South Africa working in British guarding agency, was killed in the town Al-Kut, Southern Iraq on April 7. Reuters reported that the man was killed in the attack of Shiite combatants on the house he rented with another guard.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova