Shiite's rebellion is no accident!

Anti-American rebellion began in Iraq. Iraqi Shiites captured the town of Basra. Americans have no other choice but to conquer the already occupied territory.

According to analysts, such actions of Shiites are not accidental; there still exist some powers in Iraq and worldwide who want to see Americans fail…

The battle that broke out Sunday in Baghdad, Najaf, Nasiriyah and Amarah left hundreds of men wounded. Followers of the Shiite's leader al-Sadr ordered American troops to leave Iraq. Al-Sadr himself found cover in one of the local mosques of al-Kuf and calls occupational troops to resist.

Shiites constitute an overwhelming majority of the entire population of Iraq. That is why their rebellion signifies rebellion of the entire nation. Taking into account such circumstances, American forces will either have to give up and admit their responsibility for the current situation with Iraq and the UN, or to lead the fight against the entire Iraqi population.

In the meantime, Americans are trying to suppress the revolt. Head of the American administration in Iraq Paul Bremer declared Muktada al-Sadr “an outlaw”. According to ITAR-TASS, Mr. Bremer said that “the al-Sadr group has placed itself beyond law, coalitional and Iraq authority. He attempted to establish his authority in the place of the legitimate authority. We will not tolerate this.”

Such worsening of the situation in Iraq is not accidental. The upcoming presidential elections in the United States triggered opposition forces to see American troops fail in Iraq. Such influential powers as the U.S. Democratic party, France and Germany (both countries have expressed their strong opposition to the war in Iraq last year) are interested in seeing bush administration fail. Today, all of these powers have a good chance for revenge.

Revolution in Iraq places a huge question mark in Bush's war against terrorism. George Bush’s authority will cease to exist in case American troops will be deployed from Iraq. Bush still has a chance to gain respect during the presidential campaign. However, in case of defeat, he will no longer possess such opportunity and most likely will have to leave the white House.

Last year, Russia has been one of the members of the anti-war coalition. In case this Iraqi revolution will be a success Russia, France and Germany will all have a chance to participate in Iraq’s reconstruction. In case America comes off second best, Russia's position on the International arena will significantly improve.

Earlier, Russia had to resist those attempts of the United States to spread their influence to all Caucasian countries as well as Middle East. In case the US will leave Iraq, it will be harder for it to advocate its politics in those Republics of the CIS and Russia in turn will regain its leadership on the post Soviet arena.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov