Unidentified American started military assault in Africa

Serious scandal in the USA is in progress – in the airport of Zimbabwe capital Harare local authorities detained Boeing 737 plane with 64 mercenaries and some equipment.
Zimbabwe Army is on alert. The plane was transported to Manyame military aerodrome. The passengers are inside the plane. Zimbabwe authorities have brought no accusations against the US government so far.  Pentagon and the US Department of State have already made statements that they are not involved in the incident.

Cargo plane Boeing 727-100 registered in the USA was detained Zimbabwe authorities late Sunday, March 7 in Harare Airport.

The New York Times wrote that the incident happened a week after the White House had imposed new sanctions to Zimbabwe. The US citizens were prohibited from dealing with seven  enterprises in Zimbabwe, for example with farms owned by the country’s Minister of information Johnathan Moio.

The new sanctions are also imposed to state concern producing weapons - Zimbabwe Defense Industries, and M&M Syndicate holding owned by ZANU-PF political party, and to the two firms owned by former general Vitalis Zvinavashe.

According to the Department of State, the sanctions are aimed at those responsible for the current problems of Zimbabwe, not at ordinary citizens of this African country.

There are some other sanctions which were previously imposed by the USA to Zimbabwe because of “human rights violation”.

Boeing 727-100 was detained by Zimbabwe authorities after it landed in Harare airport for refueling. The pilot told the customs officers that there were only three crew members aboard the plane.

”There were 64 militants of different nationalities”, said Zimbabwe Interior Minister Kemo Mokhadi.

Most of the plane passengers were white. Zimbabwe state TV broadcast the images of the equipment inside the plane: satellite phones, portable radio transmitters, blue rucksacks, sleeping bags, tourist boots, inflatable rubber raft, oars and a can of Mace tear-gas.

Plane destination has not been identified

The plane took off from Vanderbaum airport near Pretoria, the capital of South Africa. According to representative of South African Passenger Aviation Administration Mozes Seate, the plane route had scheduled the stop in Polokwana international airport in South Africa and then fly to the capital of Burundi, city Buzhumburu.

However, the plane did not land in Polokwana, but left South African air space with violating regulations: it is not allowed to leave the country borders directly from Vanderbaum airport – this is not an international airport.

When the plane was in Vanderbaum airport, a bus with black passengers approached the plane. The bus passengers were allegedly the citizens of South Africa, Angola and Congo.

South African newspaper “Bield” quoted special service officers that the plane could fly to West Africa, in particular the equator area.

South African air traffic controllers could warn their colleagues in other African countries about the plane violating regulations.

Company which owns the plane, does not exist

According to the US Civil Aviation Administration, the plane belongs to Dоdson Aviation company located in Ottawa (Kansas). Company Director Robert Dodson said that a week before the Boeing had been sold to Logo company in South Africa.

However, South African Press Association reported that no expert in South Africa had heard of  existence of the company called “Logo”.

Zimbabwe Army is on alert. The plane was transported to Manyame military aerodrome. The passengers are inside the plane.

US plans series of anti-terrorist operations in Africa

After terrorist networks such as Al-Qaeda and Taliban, are swept from their bases throughout the world, they will move in Africa. This is the opinion of General Charles Wald, former commander of the US Forces in Europe,  ABC News reported.

According to the general, African deserts and jungles are ideal places for locating terrorist training camps, and Islamic population of some African countries is ready to support terrorists.

In addition, the governments of most African countries are unable to fight Al-Qaeda – their armies are too weak.

General Wald believes that the USA should start preparations for fighting Al-Qaeda in Africa. For this purpose, several US special force units (200 servicemen in each unit) must be deployed in Africa. These special forces will prepare military units in some African countries for searching and killing terrorists.

According to the general, the US has information that Al-Qaeda recruited militants in Northern Africa where this terrorist network already has bases. There are terrorist networks in Mauritania and Nigeria.

Source: Newsru, information agencies

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova