Taliban regroups and threatens USA

Taliban promises unprecedented scale of attacks.
In fact, Afghanistan is not under the US control and the Taliban has not been defeated. They melted away into the mountains with few shots being fired before the advance of the Northern Alliance, backed by the USA, in 2001. Now, they are reappearing.

The US military campaign in Afghanistan is a failure. The Taliban has regrouped and are preparing to strike back this

In an interview with AFP, Mohammed Saiful Adel, spokesperson for the Taliban forces in Khost, declared February 20 that his troops would launch attacks against the US forces and the Afghan security forces in near future on an "unprecedented scale".

He promised to occupy a large city for several hours, before withdrawing, to attack the US bases and to continue the policy of ambushing US patrols. He declared that "When the US soldiers leave their bases, we know all their moves".



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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova