Fraudulent Game Machines Seized

Producer could fix any winning rate, even zero per cent
A company making game machines with an extremely low winning rate, often zero winning, was exposed in the Russian city of Rostov-on-Don. Deputy chief of the information section in the Interior Ministry Department in the southern federal district, Alexey Polyansky told RIA Novosti that the police focused on the company about two months ago. Within this period, about 50 non-certified game machines were sold in Russia's south.                                                       
During a search in the company offices the police discovered about 30 game machines, including the types very popular among the population. Alexey Polyansky says that production of such game machines requires special certificates stipulating an obligatory winning rate. In Russia, the winning percentage makes up 70 per cent.

In this particular case, the company could fix any winning rate, even zero per cent. At that, the producer illegally used a stamp and software of a game machine producer from Moscow. The Moscow company was authorized to make game machines and even gave such machines on lease.
A fraudulent game machine costs about $3,500, Alexey Polyansky says the sum could be covered within a month.

The police are now determining the number of sold game machines to further seize them. Criminal proceedings have been instituted on the basis of several clauses of the Criminal Code in connection with the crime.

This is the biggest fraud in the gambling business. Until recently, the police exposed employees serving game machines who reduced the winning rate of some machines or charged payment for pointing winning machines to visitors of gambling salons. It is for the first time that a fraud has been exposed on an industrial level.

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Author`s name Michael Simpson