Caution! A new type of fraudulent activity is on the rise

A new type of fraud with mobile phones is becoming more popular in the Russian capital.

Many Moscow residents fell victims to foxy swindlers' tricks. People (users with direct MTS mobile numbers) were invited to attend an office of some popular radio station in order to receive their prize—latest mobile phone.

However, an individual is entitled to receive his/her prize under one condition. A person has to purchase two most expensive payment phone cards and activate them right there while also inputting their phone number.

Afterwards, this potential client receives a phone call from a cheerful operator informing him of a possibility to win one of 700 coolest mobile phones. The operator also tells all the details regarding the drawing. In case the client notices some sort of a shady affair, the conversation stops right there. Such swindlers usually call on weekends, when it is more difficult to trace the phone call. They also tend to block their numbers right after each phone call. 

RIA “Novosti” decided to conduct its own investigation. The company contacted department of advertising of the radio station mentioned by those swindlers. As it turned out, the radio station had been aware of the machinations for quite some time already. They already grew weary of numerous phone calls of cheated users. “We tried to catch those swindlers who used our trademark to advertise their 'game'. Unfortunately, it appeared to be practically impossible. We plan to inform our listeners of such machinations.”

An MTS technician informed RIA “Novosti” about the fact that “such type of fraud is acquiring popularity among swindlers.” According to a “Megafon” representative, a person always has a choice. “When somebody rings a doorbell, you can either open the door, or simply look in an eyelet and decide not to open the door,” remarked he.

Source: RIA “Novosti”      

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov