Boy survived electric power stroke

By accident, 15-year old village boy touched 10,000 Volt cable with his head and was badly burned with no chance for survival.
In the morning of November 12, Ivan Ustinov went to graze cows with his father. They lost one of the cows, and Ivan decided to find it. The boy reached the power transformer unit and decided to climb onto it to watch where the cow could be. By accident, the boy touched the transformer unit 10,000 Volt power cable with his head, and was hit with current.

The unconscious boy was taken to hospital of Dubovy Umet neighboring village. Local doctors summoned specialists from the city and they all decided to do everything possible to save the boy’s life. The boy had only 10 percent chance for survival before the operation started. During the operation he was on the border between life and death.

High voltage current damaged the boy’s entire right-brain, and about 40 percent of it had to be removed. His bone tissue was damaged as well – a hole of 9 centimeters in diameter aroused in the head. The hole was covered with plastic plate.

Three months passed after the unique operation, and all the time Ivan’s mother was nursing him. Recently the boy shocked the doctors – he started talking! The doctors say they have never seen such perfect health. Ivan underwent seven surgeries and is required to undergo several more surgeries on skin replanting.

Ivan’s mother says that her son is alive due to doctors and her praying to God.
Doctor’s comment:

Dmitry Khil, neurosurgeon of Samara region hospital pediatric department,

”Similar surgeries were conducted in our city before, but nobody expected such a success this time. It is early to say that the boy has recovered and he is not going to encounter health problems in future. Brain tissue will start healing soon, and it is hard to say what impact this will produce to the boy. The matter is, this process can cause spasms and other side effects. The boy is likely to remain paralyzed, but we hope for the better”.

Similar cases:

After electric power stroke

- of 380 Volt crane-operator of coal shaft in Donetsk, Ukraine Yuliya Vorobieva obtained the capacity of X-ray feeling. She could feel the human body all through, but became blind.

-resident of city Lipetsk named Dmitry survived and obtained the capacity to withstand consuming poison and foretell future.

-in Sosnogorsky District of Komi Republic a 12-year old boy was badly burned after touching 110,000 Volt cable, but survived.

-in Kazakhstan resident of Kustanai Sergey Skidan marvelously survived 35,000 Volt stroke, some of his inner organs were slightly burned and there were lacerated wounds in his heel in the areas from where the electric stroke was released.

Sergey Ryabushkin

Source: Samara-KP

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova