Tatu’s drug problem

Moscow Office of Public Prosecutor is supposed to examine if Tatu popular group campaigns for using drugs.  
Prosecutor received written appeal to estimate the documentary “Tatu’s Antomy” (Demonstrated in the framework of “Tatu in the Celestial” project) from the legal side, reported one of the appeal authors Chairman of Moscow State Duma Committee on Health Care and Public Morale Protection.
The appeal authors believe the documentary characters urge the spectators to use drugs in some episodes. In particular, Tatu producer Ivan Shapovalov demonstrates the process of preparing and using drugs.
”They should how plant mass (resembling drugs) is put into cigarette paper . Then Shapovalov and unidentified woman smoke this cigarette. They have all symptoms of drug consumers: hysterical laugh, unnatural state of excitement. Loss of coordination”, is written in the appeal.
Moscow Duma deputies were also indignant with the producer’s phrase which can be interpreted as ad for drugs: “This is like a medicine for loneliness”.
The deputies write after they requested the documentary copy, STS Russian TV Channel sent them a cassette without this episode.
At another point of the documentary, one of Tatu singers is telling about her first experience with drugs and is summing up that the first drug injection is just a little “joke” not resulting in consequences.
Moscow deputies insist that the most controversial documentary episodes should be examined. In particular, the film-loop to “Plain Moves” song, when one of the singers “is having or imitating sexual intercourse”.  
If the fact of violation of law is proved, prosecutor is requested to postpone STK TV Channel’s license for broadcasting. “The people who allowed broadcasting these episodes, may undergo criminal prosecution”, is written in the appeal.

Source: Interfax

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova