“Russia for (ethnic) Russians!”, screamed skinheads while killing Tajik girl

9-year old Tajik girl was killed in St Petersburg at night of February 9, and the police accuse radical youngsters of the crime.
The indirect proof of the skinheads involvement are the statements given to the 11-year old boy and his 35-year-old uncle who both were also attacked by the criminals. According to the two crime victims, the youngsters were screaming “Russia for (ethnic) Russians!”

Law-enforcers continue search for criminals. Mayor of St Petersburg Valentina Matvienko was indignant with the cruelty of the youngsters killed the little girl. “The crime in our city is of the same degree as the act of terrorism in Moscow Metro. We are fighting terrorism and we are required to fight with the same persistence all nationalism outbursts in our great city”, the mayor said. “This is sad that this terrible incident happened in St Petersburg – the multinational city which has always been tolerant to different nationalities and religions. Only our common intolerance to the radical nationalists can protect people. We should oppose the evil together”.

On February 9 at 9:16 pm the police station received a call about the incident at house 4 in Boitsova Lane: a man and two children of 9 and 11-year old were attacked. The criminals left after beating the victims and stabbing them with knives.

9 minutes later the reanimation and surgery brigade was on the crime scene. The victims were 35-year old Yusuf Sultanov, his 9-year old daughter Khursheda and 11-year old nephew Alabir. They all are natives of Tajikistan, but had official registration in St Petersburg in one of the dormitories and rented an apartment in the house on Boitsova Street.
According to the Tajik man, he along with the children were on the way home from the skating-rink, when a group of 8-10 people with chains, baseball bats and knives started following them. In the dark communicating courtyard of house 4 on Boitsova Street they were attacked from behind. All the three victims were stabbed with knives, but the boy managed to escape and hide himself under the vehicle parked nearby. The girl died on the crime scene, there were 11 wounds from knife in her body.

The man had his head traumatized. He refused from being hospitalized, and spent a day in the ambulance station.

The 9-year old girl died before the ambulance brigade arrived. The 11-year old boy also has the head traumas. He is hospitalized, the doctors said he is in satisfactory condition.

Law-enforcers say the criminals may be the members of an informal organization of youngsters, probably skinheads.
City mayor Valentina Matvienko demanded from law-enforcers “to get the criminals at any cost”.

Interim Russian Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliev took the investigation of this crime over his special control.

Source: Information agencies

Photo: The picture of the teenagers broadcast on Russian TV after the crime

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov