Door jamb about to damage Fedor Konyukhov’s yacht

Famous traveler Fedor Konyukhov’s yacht hardly avoided being damaged by waterlogged door jamb floating in the Atlantic.
Konyukhov’s giant yacht collided with this item while sailing to the Canary Islands on high speed. The jamb caught hold on the rudder blade, and Konyukhov had to produce all his skipper skills to get rid of the unexpected load.

On arrival to La Homera Island of the Canaries Konyukhov telephoned ITAR-TASS information agency reporter and expressed his indignation with people’s littering the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. 

After leaving the French port of La Siota for the Canaries about two weeks ago, Konyukhov’s yacht crew every hour encountered empty oil jerricans, 200-litre gasoline barrels, pieces of nets, signal buoys, thousands of plastic bottles. 

People made Atlantic a dump for their wastes, Fedor said. On the way to the Canaries Konykhov’s vessel passed up to 200 miles every day. The yacht withstood winds 64 knots of force and 12-number storms, but was about to be damaged by garbage.

The consequences of the collision have been eliminated by the vessel crew, and on February 5 Fedor starts his new cruise to surpass his own world record of crossing the Atlantic in 9 day11 hours. Konyukhov set this result sailing maxi-catamaran in March 2003.

Source: Izvestiainfo


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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova