Drug Addict Commits Suicide not to Squeal on Drug Dealer

Within several years of drug usage the girl became a drug addict
In Moscow, a 20-year girl committed suicide when law enforcement officers wanted her to cooperate with the police. The girl would not give away those who supplied drugs to her and threw herself out of the window.

The girl lived in the town of Lobnya in the Moscow Region; within several years of drug usage the girl became a drug addict. Several days ago, the girl spent a night at a Moscow night club together with her friends when the police rushed into the club and searched people there.

The girl had a heroin dose, and the police wanted to find the wholesale seller with her help. She was told that the police would stop the criminal investigation if she provided information about the seller. But the girl would not say anything. NEWSRu.com reports that instead the police told her to think carefully what may happen next.

Within several next days the police called the girl and offered to cooperate. Each time the drug addict said no. Early on January 21 the girl received an SMS saying that she would be soon summoned to the police. In response she send the following message: "You will be responsible for my death."

Recently, the girl threw herself out of a window in a 9-storey building where she worked as a secretary in a publishing house. Her last note says: "This is all, sorry. I cannot stand it any longer. There is no use to blame anyone for my death."

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Author`s name Michael Simpson