Civil war looming in Iraq

According to CIA officers working in Iraq, this country is on the threshold of a civil war.
Sources in the US administration said that intelligence officers made “oral report” in Washington. According to a high-ranking official of the US administration, the “worst case scenarios” were discussed at the meetings of George Bush with his chief advisors on national security and Head of Civil Administration in Iraq Paul Bremer.

Knight Ridder communications company received information that concerns are raised within the US administration that the Shiite majority of Iraqi population can resort to violence if its demands of conducting democratic elections in Iraq are not satisfied. On the other hand, the Kurdish minority is eager to have its autonomy and fair share of drilled oil. “Both Shiites and Kurds believe it is time to act”, said one of intelligence officers.

CIA conclusions contradict to the estimates of the situation in Iraq given by President Bush in his annual address on the State of the Union, Itar-Tass information agency reports.


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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova