Militants left the village in Dagestan

The group of militants left the hospital they occupied in the village of Shauri in Tsuntin District of Dagestan in Russia.

They headed in the direction of Chechnya.

Regional Administration of Border Guarding Troops for North Caucasus reported, “Currently a group of 20-25 militants are heading in the direction of the administrative border between Dagestan and Chechnya.

Meanwhile, Deputy Head of the Press Department of Dagestan Interior Ministry Angela Martirosova said RIA Novosti information agency earlier that the militants left the village of Shauri in the direction of the border between Russia and Georgia. According to her, they took four people hostages.

According to the first information, the hostages are four residents of Shauri, including the doctor of the village hospital and father and son Gamadovs.

Representatives of the Special Services in Dagestan estimate the group of militants can have from 25 to 50 people. They could enter Dagestan in three groups.

Currently the militants are going through mountain chains and followed by border guarding troops and police. The Operational Staff on fighting the militants also believes they can be heading for the neighboring Tsumadinski District of Dagestan.

The representatives of the Operational Staff believe the militants will hardly be able to cross the administrative border between Russia and Georgia because this area is covered with snow.

The militants can have three vehicles.

300 policemen participate in the operation on capturing the militants in Tsuntinsky District.

According to the information of the border guarding troops command, 10 soldiers were killed in ambushes with militants, including the commander of the border unit.
Press department of Dagestan informed RIA Novosti information agency earlier that the militants entered Tsuntinsky District from the neighboring Tsumadinsky District. "The captured the GAZ-24 vehicle belonging to a local resident and approached the border guards unit of Mokok village provoking the border guards to follow them. Then the militants hid and killed all the soldiers of the group following them,” the police’s report for the press states.

Source: РИА 'Novosti',

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Author`s name Pavel Morozov