Explosion in Moscow: Terrorists could kill many more

It is now confirmed that the explosion by “National” hotel in Moscow was an act of terrorism. Six people were killed and 14 injured remain in hospitals, five of whom are in dangerous conditions.

Experts say that there could have been many more victims. First of all, only 1 kilo of TNT equivalent of the 5 kilo bomb blasted. Secondly, the explosion wave went into the hotel’s concrete wall. An officer from investigation group said to ITAR-TASS: “A change in the explosion wave’s direction by some degrees might lead to a great rise in number of victims, as metal parts of the bomb would reach the Parliament house and walking zone of Manezhnaya square”. Even despite the wall took the blast on itself, metal inside of the bomb spread over 100 meter radius.

Expertise proves that the bomb blasted at some distance above the ground. “It is to be found out whether the bomb was on the woman’s body or in the bag”, commented an officer. He also informed that coloured plastic wires and fragments of detonator were found at the spot. Technical characteristics of the bomb are being investigated.

The “National” hotel is planning to force its security by installing detecting units for metallic and explosives objects, and also by special training of its security teams. General manager of the hotel said he watched through videorecording of the explosion (made by one of the hotel’s observing cameras): “Two women are seen clearly on it. It can be assumed they communicate with the third. Then explosion blasts”.

He also commented that damage to the hotel is valued at US$200,000 and will be paid out by an insurance company. He denied that hotel guests received any injured (as some media informed before). He added that none of the guests left the hotel after the tragedy, and some even calmed the personnel.

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Author`s name Pavel Morozov