Justice Minister of Russia: The train bombed by Chechen insurgents - 5 December, 2003

40 people died as a result of recent suicide bombing in Essentuki, Russia. Over 200 people were wounded. 103 are in hospitals, condition of 20 of them is very serious. Chechens are main suspects.

The Justice Ministry head Yuri Chaika claimed there is a Chechen trace in the recent terrorist attack in Essentuki, Russia.

 “One of the versions of this crime is Chechen terrorists activity aimed to demoralize people and destabilize situation before the elections into Russian parliament”, he said.

Federal Security Bureau (FSB) chief Nikolai Patrushev at the meeting with President told that the investigators found out the attack was done by group of 4 people: 3 women and one man. The man was suicide bomber.

“Two women were in the car, they jumped off right before the explosion. The third was directing it all, and unlikely to have survived”, informed Patrushev. He also noted that the man is unlikely to be identified. “But it was a suicide attacker, bombs were found at his feet”.

This terrorist tried to escape the car before the explosion. “He tried to get out of the car, leaving a bag with explosives under the seat, however was late and died in explosion himself”, claims our source.

There were other people supporting the group of four: nearby the train tracks an automobile stood.

The investigation believes that the terrorists entered the train at one of the stations. There was patrol at this line, but police did not reach the car before the explosion.

The explosion blasted in the second car of train number 6309 from Kislovodsk to Mineral Waters, at 7:42 am Moscow time. The train was not far from Essentuki city, some 400 away from its central station.

The explosion was so powerful that the car was torn in two, the parts fell off the railways. Tens of people were under its remnants. Fire started all over.

As a result, 40 people died. Fifteen were found right after the explosion, other sixteen were under the car’s remains, nine victims died in hospital. Over 200 people were wounded. 103 are in hospitals, condition of 20 of them is very serious. Fifty people received medical help at the spot.

[information from Lenta.Ru]

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Author`s name Pavel Morozov